COVID-19 has introduced many challenges but it has also brought opportunities, especially for businesses that have moved online. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why you should maintain an online presence during these challenging times.

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1. Customers are still searching for things online

Searches are still happening online during the coronavirus outbreak. Statistics show that the use of internet is increasing, with some reports displaying up to a 70% increase in internet usage.

Although COVID-19 has introduced a new challenge every single day, one thing remains the same: your customers are still searching online. Now the question is, if someone searches for you online can they find you?

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2. People have access to stimulus checks

For months, millions of Americans struggling with the financial fallout of COVID-19 have been pinning their hopes on Congress providing stimulus checks. The good news is that these checks will put money in the pockets of people.

While some people will use the check to substitute the income of a lost job, others may invest these funds into an opportunistic stock market. Yet, some families will use this money to finance domestic enhancements and make purchases they’ve been wanting to make.

If they can find your business online, there’s a good chance you can seize a portion of the expenditure that occurs after stimulus checks are released.

3. People are getting things done while sitting at home

While sitting at home in quarantine many individuals are looking around and seeing a list of chores that have to be done.

Whether they have to employ a lawn care company to deal with the unwieldy grass or they choose to fence in their patio to make a place for their children to play, people free at home may finally decide to take action on things they had been postponing.

A quick look around shows that people are still spending money and having work done. However, keep in mind that the companies getting new business are the ones that can be easily found online.

4. People don’t need a holiday to get things done

In normal conditions, a person would have to find a way to stay at home when hiring someone to do a job. This could mean having to take a day off or seeking an appointment early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

But during coronavirus, many people are already at home during the day. This makes it convenient to be present when a servicer shows up to do the job.

5. Offering contactless services can get you customers

COVID-19 has forced everyone to practice social distancing. Therefore, it is vital to promote your services that can be done with little to no contact.

By promoting touch-free services (including contactless payments), you can give prospective consumers peace of mind that they can still get things done while following social distancing rules and keeping their family and your workers secure.

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Some companies are now putting their capability to offer contactless services front and center on their advertising campaigns. This helps them stick out and show that they can acclimatize to the circumstances.

Wrap Up

Although coronavirus has altered the way of life for many companies and customers, there are still things to be done and consumers to be served.

At Skison Digital Consultants, our team is right here to help you adjust to the fluctuating times and to create an online presence that gets you in front of customers who are searching for the services or products that your business delivers.

Get in touch today and let us create a digital strategy to help your company acclimatize to these unpredictable times.

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